Social Shopping LHT is the best way to interact personally with each client, combining in a single experience, image, video, co-browsing, voice, and document sharing.

Social Shopping LHT helps that your own customers become your best sales agents when they  share and recommend your products with family, friends etc.

What is Social Shopping LHT?

When a visitor to your Web are excited about what it is, has the potential to become your best salesperson, if we will able to help him  to share that experience with his immediate circles, whether family, friends or colleagues .

LHT Social shopping is the best way to customize the shopping experience of each of your customers, allowing them behave as if they were group buying in your business, whether it is seeing new products, showing them to other visitors, or exchanging opinions about them.

As in any Brick and mortar business, visitors may request the assistance of one of your sales agents to guide them, solve any doubts to them, or just help them to complete the purchase.

Personalize the customer experience making it viral during the online buying process, is the element that can make the difference between your business and the rest, especially when your competition is just a click away.


Social Shopping LHT connects your customers with your commercial agents immediately, allowing them to initiate a communication adapted to each client.


Customers make recommendations between them about your products and services; share and solve doubts instantly ensuring the best customer experience.


If customers wish at any given time, a sales agent can join the conversation at the most suitable moment to close a sale transaction.

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Much more than Co-Browsing

As our technology Co-Browsing is one of the most innovative in market, Social Shopping is much more because it integrates video, voice, and collaboration which are adapted individually to the needs of each customer.

  • Mobile

    Social Shopping LHT is multi-device, the only condition is to have a Web browser. The user experience is good especially in mobile devices.

  • Builds confidence

    The customer is able to see and talk at any time with the agent, facilitating the creation of trust relationships between them.

  • Frictionless

    The inmediated of communication, knowledge of past and current client actions, voice and Co-Browsing, facilitate the detection and removal of the friction that often frustrate a sale.

  • Collaboration

    LHT Social Shopping enables collaboration and support from sales agent to the customer, through joint navigation provided by the Co-Browsing, the possibility of joint activities such as filling out forms, and sharing documents.

  • More sales

    Social Shopping LHT increases the efficiency of your sales teams, by increasing the number of transactions that are performed successfully, and the aid provided with the detection of points of friction in the buying process.

Social Shopping is multichannel

You will be able to initiate communication with clients from different media and under the conditions that you set, which makes Social Shopping LHT the ideal medium to complete complex transactions, as shown in the following examples.

  • Web

    The customer can apply any time throughout the assistance of an agent assisted sales during the purchase decision process on an e-commerce portal.

  • Email

    The customer receives a personalized invitation for assisted presentation of different vacation packages.

  • SMS

    The customer has the opportunity to connect with your Banking agent to complete the application of its mortgage.

  • Social Networks

    The customer receives a direct message from a social network, or a link to share about a product or service, on which he has expressed interest.

Do you want to know how to apply this solution to your business?