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Walmeric researches and develops new solutions for online marketing market oriented in results. We value the actions that perform marketing and sales departments in telecommunications, banking, finance, insurance, automotive, etc. sectors. Walmeric is expanding internationally and is already developing activities in countries like Italy, England, France, Brazil and Mexico.

Our history

Walmeric, a Spanish company, founded in 2008 has become a leader in the Spanish market. Walmeric develops technologies and methodologies for the treatment of leads, from their online generation until these become a sale, usually offline (Call Center, network of shops …).

Technology for efficient lead management:

  • Contact immediate with registration
  • Personalized lead treatment
  • Cobrowsing
  • Click2Video
  • Dynamic telephone numberassignment (Ring Pool)


Tools that measure and optimize the impact of your marketing activities in your sales funnel, and improve customer communication in your online marketing campaigns.

Delio is a  Lead management platform that allows you to make a complete tracking of the actions of your leads, as well as updating the lead scoring based on the result of each action and scheduling workflows, in order to give each lead a personalized treatment, which optimizes marketing and sales resources and maximizes the results of your online marketing campaigns.

Social Shopping LHT  is a set of tools oriented to your sales process, integrating into a single product the communication between salesperson and customer, with the latest Co Browsing Technology, Chat, video and voice call.

Click2Video is the latest technology of communication between a sales agent and a client which allows you to have a direct communication between the agent and the customer equipped with a smartphone or any other device with a video camera.

The sales agent and the customer may interact in real time, either for a sales agent display, remotely, a product or service to a potential customer (e.g. car used), or that a customer can show to the agent the state of the product, etc.

Ring Pool allows dynamic and personalized telephone number assignment in Landing Pages and Web Pages, so that at any moment you can know not only the origin of the leads captured by telephone (e.g. PPC campaign key word), but also the evolution of the lead in the sales funnel through various actions taken by the lead and their responses from the actions of lead nurturing until they convert in sale.


Walmeric develops technology of marketing and sales, oriented to sectors where it is necessary to convert more leads into sales opportunities, while the performance of each marketing channel is managed.

The technology of  Walmeric  allows to manage the entire process of customer relationship between the banking or insurance agent, from the capture of lead to the sale of a product or service, also being ideal for managing the customer service not only during lead nurturing actions within the sales process, but also in retention activities in sales in upselling and crosselling processes.

Walmeric  develops marketing technology oriented to automotive industry not only for new vehicles, but also for used car sales.

The interaction between the salesperson and the customer provided by our Click2Call technology, allows the agent to show the product in real time. So, it is very suitable for sales of used cars.

Our Co-browsing technology allows you to connect the sales agent with the customer at the time that the customer is choosing a product, allowing the sales agent working with the customer in choosing and customizing the product while it is browsing the web.


Walmeric technology is used by the major telecom operators not only for a better manage of their marketing and sales campaigns, but also for a better communication with each of their leads.

Programming flows custom actions, the Ring Pool to determine the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns in telephone responses, the Co-browsing to interact with the client while you are browsing the web, chat and voice… They allow to personalize customer communication, they solve blockages in the sales funnel and optimize the performance of marketing and sales teams to contact each lead at the right time when the customer needs it most.


The Technology of  Walmeric  could be adapted to any industry where personalization of customer communication is crucial to increases sales.

Walmeric offers solutions for automated and personalized lead management throughout the sales funnel, aimed to obtain a higher return on investment in marketing and sales, and the optimization of marketing and sales staff, with the additional benefit of allowing contact with the customer when the demand, so that to increase the number of conversions to sales and increase customer loyalty.


Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team, specially oriented in develop technological solutions for an efficient lead management.

Antonio Fernández Chief Executive Officer

Antonio Moragues Chief Technology Officer

Andrés Saa Backend Developer

Alberto Blanco Frontend Developer

Juan Sánchez Backend Developer

Ingrid Correa Office manager

Javier Bautista Digital Marketing Manager

Antonio Miguel Fernández Backend Developer

Ángel Martín Backend Developer

Agustín Llamas Backend Developer

Francisco Orcha Web Developer

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