Social Shopping gives confidence and humanizes customer relations

Interactions between visitors, joined the collaboration among sales agents and customers, allows identifying the products and services more interesting to every type of customer, encouraging sales growth.

  • More sales in e-commerce

    ommunicated with the customer while performing the sale, allows offering products that complement the first sale, either in cross selling or upselling.

  • Reduces the average time of consulting

    The voice, the video, and the ability to share documents, adding the advantage that the agent and the customer can see the same page at all the time, let that the average time taken by a sales agent with every customer be less than the use of the chat uniquely.

  • Improves customer satisfaction

    The possibility of visitors to communicate with each other, joined with a closer communication when the customer demands it, makes the user perceive more positively not only the brand, but also all products and services that embrace it.

  • It´s reduce abandonment rate

    Social Shopping enables to reduce quickly abandonment rate, reducing frictions at certain points of the buying process, which otherwise would have been a lost sale.

  • It helps to answer questions

    Our Co-Browsing technology is ideal for solving queries and inquiries from potential customers, helping to transmit the best impression about the company.

  • Simplifies the inclusion of new services

    The possibility of immediate contact of video-agent, the voice and the co-browsing reduce problems associated with the introduction of a new service on a web page, for the reason that until users become familiar with it, can lead to many complaints and frustrations.

  • It helps to improve customer experience.

    The marketing and sales teams observe how customers interact with each other while they share the navigation, and perceive the bottlenecks in every moment, thus allows improving and / or removing barriers that may limit the sales.

  • It personalizes communication

    Social Shopping allows customizing communication with the customer, because of the actions performed by a sales agent are adjusted with the needs of each client and situation.

Better user experience

Social Shopping enables that multiple visitors’ share each other’s the experience to choose and give opinions while co-browses inside their website, about the products and services offered.
The experience and the opinion of the user are unbeatable.

Guide your customers

Our Co-browsing technology allows you to guide your customers through your website, helping them to find the best product and /or service that satisfied their needs.

It helps to close sales

The Co-Browsing not only can guide the customer throughout the sales funnel, but also the dialogue between the customer and the video agent simplify the removal of obstacles to the sale.
More sales will be completed more quickly.

Chat with your customers

Our Co-browsing platform has an integrated chat in order to enable you to exchange information with your customers in real time.

Gives confidence with the video

Your customers will always see the sales agent; this provides transparency and trust to the transaction.


We provide full support to help on your specific integration needs with other platforms, thanks to our API that allowing you to integrate it into your Web Chat, SMS platform, Click2Call, etc.

Social Shopping enables better performance of your marketing and sales teams, helping them to close more sales, faster.

Contact us and we will show you how to improve your sales