Social Shopping to boost sales

Social Shopping for visitors can contact between them or with a sales agent, in the place and at the moment that they need it, in order to know better know the products and services that you offer, and provide guidance throughout the process.

Social Shopping not only can be used in all types of websites, but also can also be integrated into other applications thanks to its powerful API.


Social Shopping LHT has a set of tools, fully integrated in order to humanize online communication with the customer, from the form of contact that is multichannel, to how to proceed once communication has been established.

Social Shoping LHT enables visitors to communicate within each other using their web as a means of contact, in order to gives them the opportunity to choose, among them, the products and services that matter most.

WithSocial Shopping LHT you can talk with your customer while you are browsing with him on the web, hare documents, or perform common tasks such as filling out forms, or if you prefer, you can show him/her in real-time the product which is of his/her interested, whether a car or a house.

All of this without you having to install any SW neither your computer nor the customer, or having to go to another website.

  • Chat

    Social Shopping has an integrated chat platform for participants that prefer to use chat (text messaging) in a cobrowsing session on those occasions where the voice is not the preferred communication channel.

  • Voice and call

    Only is sharing a single window in the browser of the customer and sales agent, not being available any other part of the device where you are performing the Co-Browsing.

  • Camera and video agent

    Your customers can share opinions together regarding your products and services, contact your sales agent video to clarify any doubt, close the sale or even to request live information of a particular product through the video camera.

  • Co-Browsing

    Co-Browsing technology that works on any device with a browser and a native JavaScript, which makes its use universal, regardless of operating system (Windows, Mac), or platform (PC, Tablet, Mobile Phones).

Do you have a chat system in your website? We tell you how to use it with Social Shopping


Our Co-browsing technology facilitates remote collaboration with the customer, showing him in every moment what you are visualizing in your web.

The Co-browsing of Social Shopping allows that the sales agent, or customer service agent can resolve with the customer those doubts which otherwise would have meant either an abandonment of purchase or a bad evaluation of the products or services that your company provides.

All of this, without having to install any SW on your, or the customer computer, or having to go to another website.

  • No need to install anything

    Our Co-browsing technology works in the browser with JavaScript Technology. This allows you to avoid Java installation, or any type of plugin.

  • It guarantees customer privacy

    Social Shopping has integrated the latest technology to protect the privacy of users participating in a session of Social Shopping that does not damage the user experience.

  • Works in all devices

    Social Shopping works on all browsers and on all devices (smartphones, tablets and Pcs). The web speed is optimized for each device; This ensures that all customers have the best experience possible in any situation.

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